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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 2, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm dray clark. let's get you started with meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> good morning. first alert for dangerous cold in effect for the entire area until 8:00 this morning. we'll get sunshine today. the temperatures will be climbing after the 8:00 hour. it's going to feel cold for most of the day. the windchills this morning feel like they're below 0. limit time outside if you can. the feels-like temperatures now are below 0 for many neighborhoods. philadelphia, northeast philly, pottstown, right now 4 degrees below 0 in reading. feels like 7 below 0 in lancaster. 2 below in millville and dover. right now feeling like 1. these are temperatures without the wind factored in. 8 in the suburbs. 13 and holding in philadelphia. 12 degrees in delaware. we'll see sunshine today. the lehigh valley hits 23 this
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afternoon. 24 for the suburbs. 26 for new jersey and at the shore, 27 degrees. the cold breeze that we have will still be blowing this afternoon. it will feel like it's in the teens even later today with bright, sunny skies. i'll break it down hour biy hou when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> thanks. starting on 76 but not the schuylkill expressway. 76 in jersey right before the bridges. this is near market street in gloucester city. everything moving nicely. this is the northbound side here. that's the traffic moving up toward the bridges. you see no delays so far. northeast philly watch for a water main break on minden near mechanicsville road. also watching 95. a 12-minute drive time southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. speeds still into the 60s with the 12-minute trip. everything's moving out there. >> thanks. a violent start to the new year in north philadelphia. a shooting sent one man to the hospital and left a home riddled
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with bullets. it happened at an apartment complex near the intersection of north 23rd and dauphin street. police say the bullets hit the man multiple times. a woman was inside the apartment that was hit but was not hurt. two people in the hospital after a shooting in germantown. a man and a woman were hit by gunfire on germantown avenue near mannheim street just before 2:00. the suspects sped away in a car. taking over. happening today, philadelphia's new district attorney will swear in and officially take office. >> larry krasner is promising changes months after the former d.a. was spent to prison on bribery charges. matt delucia is live in center city where the inauguration will happen later this morning. what are some of the plans that krasner will implement once he takes office? >> reporter: larry krasner ran on a campaign of making changes to the district attorney's office, to the culture of the office and how cases are
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prosecuted. really to reform the criminal justice system in philadelphia. changes like keeping fewer people behind bars. he's also anti-death penalty, and he wants to end stop and frisk. he has, as you might recall in the past, butted heads with the police union. and he has been supported by the black lives matter movement. those who elected him want the changes to happen quickly. his predecessor, seth williams, as mentioned, is serving time in a federal prison on corruption charges. krasner told the people who work in the d.a.'s office that changes are coming and what his goals are. how quickly those changes happen will have to be seen. and exactly what steps are used to implement them have yet to be laid out. and it's also an historic day for another person. rebecca rinehart will be the first female city controller in philadelphia when she is inaugurated later on this morning.
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also to be sworn in, more than 20 judges. so a big day for the folks here in law enforcement, the justice system, really, the city of philadelphia. the ceremony beginning here at the kimmel center later on this morning. for now, live in center city, nbc10 news. >> thank you. today in delaware county, officials will be sworn in for their first days in office. the sheriff, controller, register of wills, and two members of the county council will take the oath of office this morning. tomorrow, new judges will be sworn in. in the lehigh valley, allentown mayor ed pawlowski's term begins under a cloud of scrutiny. the democratic mayor was sworn in last night. pawlowski goes on trial in two weeks on charges he accepted campaign contributions from contractors along with 50 charges including conspiracy and fraud. pawlowski has pleaded not guilty. atlantic city's new mayor says he wants to make the city the "shining star of new jersey." frank gilliam was officially
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sworn in to office yesterday morning. he says the first order of business is to meet with state officials to learn more about the financial standing. happening today, a day of healing at phoenixville area high school. students begin classes for the first time since someone murdered one of its freshmen over the holiday break. they're remembering 15-year-old jason ortiz cameron. the school will hold a special assembly today. counselors will be there to help students cope with the loss. investigators have not made an arrest in ortiz cameron's murder. they say someone shot and killed him during a drug transaction a week ago. last week the d.a. said if anyone related to the incident besides the shooter comes forward, they will be treated as a witness and not a defendant. in the lehigh valley, the first of the year also brought allentown police its first homicide investigation. a witness told nbc10 it happened less than an hour after the clock struck midnight to usher in 2018 at a house party.
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they say the crackle of seven gunshots erupted, sending everyone inside scattering. bullets hit two people, killing one. the second victim is in critical condition at a hospital. neighbors say this is no way to start 2018 especially after a rise in killings in 2017. >> it's a sad statement for the state of the city. and the area. >> allentown had 17 homicides in 2017. that's the highest number in a decade. in philadelphia, 316 people died as a result of homicide in 2017. that is the highest rate that we have seen since 2012. this is despite seeing fewer reports of violent crime in the past year. police tell nbc10 the rise in killings can be directly related to the opioid crisis. the department has been targeting areas where they know drugs are sold in response.
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dangerously cold temperatures, that's why we're still in a first alert. we're seeing the effects indoor and out. in camden county, officials say the drop in temperatures likely caused a sprinkler system to burst inside this nursing home. firefighters and paramedics moved residents to another section of the building here at brookdale voorheis. the first responders did their best to make sure no one had to be evacuated outside of the building. ♪ in center city, the mummers seemed unaffected despite the dangerous chill in the air. the new year's parade strutted down broad street as it's done in many years past. parade organizers had considered postponing the annual event, but it went on without a hitch. the mummers also put on a show inside the convention center. it allows families to get a behind-the-scenes look at the
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making of the city's most famous new year's day parade. and here's another group braving the cold after the mummers parade. you see the cleanup crew has every inch of skin covered. they are taking no chances that any of the injuries that could come with exposure to the dangerous temperatures we have been experiencing outside. of course, you can monitor the cold from your phone by downloading the nbc10 app. you can see the forecast right down to your neighborhood and get weather alerts sent directly to your phone. i'm meteorologist bill henley. 5:08. a frigid morning. the shake in the camera shows the wind blowing, makes it feel like below 0 this morning. temperatures are cold even without the wind. 9 right now in the suburbs. 12 in delaware. 13 in philadelphia. in south jersey, many neighborhoods are below the
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teens. 13 in mt. laurel. look at washington township. bridgeton, mullica hill at 11 degrees. even colder in hopewell township. the numbers will climb from the teens and below. into the 20s this afternoon. the wind with us at 13 miles per hour in philadelphia. 9 mile-per-hour breeze in allentown and wilmington, 12 for mt. holly and millville. the wind continues this afternoon. feels-like temperatures, feels below 0 for millville, northeast philadelphia, mt. holly, pottstown, and 4 below for reading. 7 below in lancaster. a very cold morning. it is clear. you see the cold air dumping in, that's pushed the clouds offshore. that cold air has pushed the clouds out of here. we'll see a lot of sunshine. the temperatures will end up warmer than yesterday. we'll head for the 20s for today. 13 -- very cold for this time of year. we should warm into the upper 30s and low 40s this time of year. we'll get nowhere near it in
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philadelphia. 24 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon for the suburbs. from 9 degrees at 7:00 to 17 at 11:00. bright sunshine through the afternoon hours, low 20s for the suburbs and also for the lehigh valley. delaware, you'll see the wind steady this afternoon. 20 degrees at 11:00. feeling like teens, and 24 at 3:00 this afternoon. new jersey, 11 at 7:00. by 11:00, teens. lower 20s at 3:00 this afternoon. the feels-like temperatures in the teens for new jersey and at the shore, feeling like teens, too. 24 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. sunshine today, tracking snow before we get to the weekend. the timing of that, where it's coming from, when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 5:10. we'll check on traffic. >> back to work today. a lot of folks who had the holiday off, jessica keeping an eye on the roads for them. what are they going to see? >> dragging their feet to get in
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to work this morning for sure. the schuylkill expressway is where i'm starting here, around the cameras at 202. really not seeing problems now. still a little early before we start to see any big morning rush and delays. right now, the east and westbound side of the schuylkill, doing great, especially near 202. there's a water main break in northeast philadelphia, though. watch this on minden road at mechanicsville road. off kind of in this neighborhood area. away from some of the majors. here is woodhaven to give you an idea of exactly where that is. not blocking anything major now. we're also watching 422. i'll end with drive times, eastbound, not seeing an increase from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. speeds into the 60s. we have an eight-minute trip. >> thanks. ahead, a widow's heartbreak. >> i'll do everything in my power to honor you. >> the wife of a fallen deputy remembers his life. we learn that authorities may have known about the mental state of his accused killer. and miss america shakeup.
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in the wake of a scathing e-mail scandal, the organization taps women for new leadership. and trouble at the terminal. the computer crash that caused massive lines and backups at some of the busiest airports in the country. selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner, a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait. choose help. call 844 reachnj or visit
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the first day of the new year was full of tears for the wife of deputy zach parrish. he was shot and killed saturday in an ambush that killed two colleagues and injured civilians. hundreds remembered him as someone who always served his community with respect. parri parrish's wife tearful you talked about her husband -- tearfully talked about her husband who leaves behind two daughters. >> you will be glorified, and i will do everything in my power, zach parrish, to honor you.
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i will raise these girls to love you. >> officials say the gunman, an iraq war veteran, posted videos on line criticizing police, and concern was growing recently about his mental state. he was shot and killed by s.w.a.t. officers. former miss america gingrichen carlson is -- gretchen carlson is taking over the reins of the organization after the e-mail scandal. miss america 1989, carlson was named chairwoman. the former fox news host has been vocal about finding new leadership after an e-mail scandal. the derogatory and sexist emails from ceo sam haskell and from others were leaked to the "huffington post." nbc has not verified the emails. last month three board members resigned. a former miss america who grew up in south jersey is among the women who will give oversight to the organization. kate shindle won in 1998. she's currently the head of an actors union and is one of the women who demanded the ceo step
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down after the emails were revealed. another cold day across the area. temperatures feeling well below 0 this morning here. unfortunately, another day of layering up. >> absolutely. and even when you've got those gloves on you, you can still feel it through there. don't let that fool you. it is dangerous out there. meteorologist bill henley is keeping an eye on that. >> the last few days, i haven't had gloves on, and i felt the cold. i went outside, and it was even colder. you do what you have to do to stay warm. the headlines this morning, the frigid air is still with us. a frigid morning, feels like it's below 0 for many neighborhoods. light snow, not today. wednesday, late wednesday and thursday. i'll look at that coming up. another arctic blast, frigid air, at least as cold as what we've seen, possibly a bit colder. right now, it feels like 3 below in philadelphia. allentown, also 3 below. it's 12 degrees in wilmington.
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feels like 60s. look at the poke -- like 6. look at the poconos. starting today with very cold air. we'll also start with clear skies. once the sun is up, temperatures will creep up. near the freezing mark tomorrow, in the low 30s. watching to the south, a storm system coming together, a coastal system that will start in florida. that's a wintry mix in north florida and into georgia. this system will be riding up the coast. by late tuesday when tammie souza's updating you, light snow will be falling in delaware, south jersey, and at the shore. spreading inland, expect light snow in philadelphia and some of the suburbs. the farther inland you go, the less likely you're going to see much accumulation. that's about this time thursday morning. by thursday afternoon, the snow is moving out. a light snowfall. looking at maybe one to three inches in the area.
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and higher totals will be destined for along the coast and into south jersey. the weekend, very cold. teens for philadelphia, the suburbs, and the lehigh valley. the wind blowing will make it feel even colder. by sunday, not as cold. we're still looking at a day similar to what we're going to experience today. the breeze blowing, temperatures in the 20s, feeling like they are in the teens. warmer weather arrives on monday of next week. look at that with the ten day on 10 in the next half hour. >> you just took all the fun out of the weekend. now to jessica boyington and route 38. >> moving through morristown at nixon drive. both directions are good, eastbound and westbound, seeing a few cars out the door there. as you head out in new jersey and other places, pretty much looks the same there, too. empty now. northbound from 55 to the walt
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whitman bridge on the 42 freeway. a five-minute trip. speeds way up and still into the 60s. northeast philly, watching a problem. a water main break on minden. actually over here on minden road and right near mechanicsville road. kind of off some of the main drags here. it's not really -- north of this in the developmental area here. this is woodhaven in there. that's giving you an idea of where that is. you will be detoured around for a minute. other than that, looks good. mass transit on time for amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco. back to you. >> thank you. tour ends in tragedy. two families killed in a costa rica plane crash including people with ties to our area. airport chaos. the computer crash that caused long lines at some of the busiest airport terminals. and making changes for women in entertainment.
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the end of the holiday travel season meant headaches across the country. the border protection agency said something knocked out processing computers for about two hours. this is video from miami international airport. that meant that agents had to use a different data base to screen each passenger before they could continue on to their flights. that meant big backups and slow screening. passengers also ran into long lines at jfk airport in new york. look at that mess. the two-hour computer outage caused problems, but then things returned to normal. officials aren't sure what caused the outage but say there's no indication it was something suspicious. 2017 was the safest ever recorded according to a dutch consulting firm, an aviation and safety group for air travel. commercial passenger airlines had no accidents or deaths last year. by comparison, there were 16
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accidents in 2016. experts say airline deaths have dropped dramatically over the last 20 years. 5:25 this morning. new this morning, three holiday heavyweights are part of a new anti-harassment coalition called time's up. reese witherspoon, shonda rimes, and jennifer aniston are among hundreds joining the movement. the initiative launched with an open letter vowing support for women in the entertainment business and beyond. time's up will include a legal defense fund and will advocate for legislation against workplace harassment. islam -- apple is good on an apology after admitting to slowing down old products. we have more in the cnbc business report. kate? >> reporter: hi, happy new year. apple says replacement batteries for older iphones are available now, although supplies may be limited. last week apple said the replacement batteries which had been discounted to $29 wouldn't
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be ready until late january. apple offered the batteries after apologizing for slowing down older iphones, sparking outrage by consumers and a flood of lawsuits. we'll check all your market headlines right now. wall street could see makesed open this morning on the first -- see a mixed open this morning on the first trading day of the year. the dow had the worst day of six weeks. overall, 2017 was a great year if the market. the dow, nasdaq, and s&p 500 had the best service since 2016. back to you. >> thanks. drtragedy at home. a new jersey family is gunned down. a teen is accused of pulling about the trigger. and the president's priorities from north korea to immigration. his possible plans for 2018. i'm meteorologist bill henley. another frigid morning. the temperatures are in the teens. it feels like with the wind
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blowing it's below 0 this morning. ice is frozen solid. a live view from penn's landing. a sunny day, but you'll need to bundle up. the first alert forecast coming up.
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new year's freeze. 2018 begins with bitter cold. feels-like temperatures in parts of the area reaching below 0. family murdered. a new jersey teen accused of gunning down his parents, sister, and a family friend. now he gets ready to face a judge. mummer's plea. a father uses a philadelphia tradition to ask one question -- can i have your kidney? a brutally cold beginning to the new year.


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